About Nonna Ebe

Authentic tradition

Our history

The agricultural holding "Nonna Ebe", Grandma Ebe, was created on family land, where agricultural tradition comes together with a natural, healthy diet of fruits and vegetables.


Nonna Ebe was created out of a desire to do something more: to make products using old fashioned recipes passed from mother to daughter, not just for one family, but for all families interested in rediscovering the genuine flavours of a bygone era.

The fields of the Bernardi Ebe agricultural holding are located in the Lower Emilia Romagna plains, a land rich in agricultural tradition. The fruit from our orchards and fields and the vegetables from our kitchen garden are handled with care and expertly picked: only the best are selected.


Our fruits and vegetables are prepared so they can be made into jams, sauces, condiments or fruit in syrup. Natural, genuine products, to be savoured alone or paired with the best dishes that Italian and Emilia Romagna tradition can offer.

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